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• TVA has been working with schools since 2004
• All TVA tutors are working & performing singers
• TVA tutors will work with students of all abilities


• One-to-one, lessons in schools and Skype lessons
. Grading available. 

The Vocal Academy was founded by myself, Lu Bristow in 2003. As the The Vocal Academy has grown, I have taken a step back from one to one teaching myself to oversee the running of the schools to make sure both tutors and students are happy and feel supported. If you ever have any feedback on lessons please feel free to email me on: sing@thevocalacademy.co.uk



Bristol -  Factory Studios 

Bernii was born into a family of professional orchestral and Jazz musicians

and initially moved to Bristol to study Musical Theatre at BAPA before

moving to Brighton to attend BIMM, training under Carleen Anderson

(The Brand New Heavies). Bernii was hand picked to perform as part of a

choir with Ozzy and Kelly Osborne and PitchShifter during this time.

At both BAPA and BIMM Bernii obtained HND's in vocals and vocal teaching.

Bernii went on to form her own band, receiving 4* reviews for her music in

magazines such as Maverick and Rock n Reel before being hired as backing

vocalist for the Blues artists Will Wilde and Dani Wilde. She performed live

with Will on the Radio 2 Paul Jones Show. Moving to NYC to work freelance

for Amazing Radio Bernii was hired to sing backing vocals for Laeticia De

Valer. Whilst there she was also active in songwriting sessions with different

producers in America and Europe. 


Bernii is naturally intuitive and creates a safe space in her lessons so students 

can express themselves without fear of judgement. She works both with

students who have set aims in the music business and also those who just

want to let loose and have fun singing! Bernii welcomes students with low

confidence and those who struggle with their mental health.

Bernii: "I understand how scary it can be singing in front of someone for the

first time so I will take the lead from you whilst gently guiding you towards

your best voice".

Bernii can offer you lessons in the genres of Pop, R&B, Dance, Ballad vocals, Jazz, Blues, Country, Folk and Musical Theatre. 

**For those interested in pursing a professional career in music, Bernii can offer you guidance in other areas of the business alongside your vocals, such as performance, recording techniques, songwriting, ways to get your music heard and more.Please check out our Partner Company Bernii Mac Agency** 


Bristol - Stokes Croft

Nade is a highly motivated, personable, passionate and well established
singer-songwriter-Multi-instrumentalist and music facilitator who teaches 
singing for The Vocal Academy from a studio in the Stokes Croft area of
Nade: "I value both the importance and significance of how music has an
impact on peoples lives. I have skills in working as part of a group as well as
solo and I consider both to be of equal importance. I have collaborated
extensively and have been a session vocalist in many residences in the
Bristol/Bath area. I regularly teach privately".
Nade is happy to work with all ages and abilities. 

Bristol - Brislington 

Matt will to help you through the hurdles you can face when

developing your voice! Whether you are beginner or advanced, Matt

will tailor the sessions to your specific needs. He provides a pro home

studio set up where you'll have the opportunity to eventually record

(if you feel confident enough!) Matt is also an experienced

songwriter, producer, guitarist and all-around musician; so he can help

you develop your artistic expression and foundational music skills.

Matt has been singing ever since he was a child, in choirs and 

performing in many venues around Bristol. In his early 20's he

co-founded his own pop band that he developed to a high industry

standard. From beginners to advanced, he lays out a clear and concise

method, with an examination of technique and style that will help you

develop your voice to any level.

Matt: "Sessions are fun, playful and informative - so you can improve in

the most efficient and relaxed way".

During singing lessons in all of our Bristol settings you can cover:

• Preparing to sing  • Confidence building • Breathing • Vocal warm-ups • Technical exercises • Range • Tuning • Tone • Control • Harmony • Performance • Recording • Audition prep • Artist development and so much more!

"Working with Bernii hasn’t only helped improve my singing technique greatly, but also boosted my confidence. Although I had some previous training, and had been performing for a long time, she helped me take my singing to a new level. I like her honest feedback, and how she manages to bring out the song’s emotions and the natural beauty of one’s voice. I highly recommend her"
"I couldn't recommend Lu highly enough! I started doing backing vocals with my band and needed help with my vocals, not only has Lu improved the quality of my voice and technique but also my confidence. She's a great teacher with good all round experience and makes each session fun and enjoyable!"

The Vocal Academy - Bristol

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